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Health and Safety Policy Statement

UKFF places great importance on health and safety, and is committed to the prevention of injury and ill health of all persons that come into contact with our business activities, so far as reasonably practicable. This includes employees, clients, contractors and the general public.

UKFF endeavours to prevent ill-health and injury by ensuring that our activities are performed in the safest practicable manner on our clients’ sites, and we allocate appropriate resources to achieve this. It is our objective to provide a safe and healthy working environment that complies with applicable statutory and legal requirements. Other health and safety objectives are met by:

UKFF will consult with its employees on matters of health and safety, and expects that all employees conduct themselves in such a way as not to place themselves or others at risk, and comply with all reasonable instructions and safeguards that are put in place to achieve this aim.

UKFF shall put in place such mechanisms that can be used to report any unsafe (either potential or real) conditions and shall take such steps as necessary to remediate such occurrences.

We will carry out a regular review of our health and safety policy to ensure that high standards of health and safety are maintained, and that the policy remains relevant and appropriate to our business.

Below is a list of current industry and health and safety accreditations, qualifications, awards and trade body memberships held by UKFF and key staff: